Happiness Shared

While I rarely do this and generally much prefer the photos sing for themselves, well, I am being surrounded by love right now and this is the sincerest summary of what it’s all about.  These two letters were sent to me this weekend and nothing makes me happier or more grateful to do this for a living.  A magazine spread, a blogpost, any other attentions just do not compare.  This is all of it.  My every reason.

I just regained consciousness from PASSING out upon drooling over the pictures.
Literally, the best money we’ve EVER spent. 
I would do it all again and THEN some. Leah, you have such a gift!
We are so grateful.

Thanks again.
You are really the best!

Carly and Kurt
Dear Leah,

Words cannot fully describe what a joy it has been to work with you over the past year.  Your incredible attention to detail and emotion has come through in both your beautiful photography as well as in all of our interactions with you. 
As for the pictures themselves, you’ve now left us speechless twice – – first with our engagement pictures and now once again with our stunning wedding photos.  We simply cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put into creating these permanent memories for us – I know we’ll treasure them for years to come.  I have little doubt that we’ll think of an excuse to work with you again sometime in the future!

Best Wishes + Hugs,
Natalia and Tim