Bridal Guide

New feature in Bridal Guide Magazine! Brad and Kristen really deserved the attention considering how many thoughtful and unique details they incorporated into their wedding day. My favorite element was that Brad brewed a tantalizing selection of ales for the reception and the take home gift for the guests was the mug. They named it Bull Shirt Ale because it was this very shirt that sparked their meeting. Kristen had just returned home from Spain and was out in San Francisco wearing her red bull t-shirt. Brad approached her because he had the same one and the rest was love and marriage! There are almost too many things I admired about their wedding day, including the location, Holman Ranch. Kristen surprised Brad with a corsage made of chili peppers, which is one of his favorite treats. This ended up being eaten later during cocktail hour I kid you not! All of the bridesmaids picked their own dresses in various shades of green. Potted herbs on all the tables also became take home gifts and the food was local and organic. Kristen and Brad along with friends and family folded 1,001 silver cranes to display at the wedding, a Japanese tradition representing good luck and prosperity. Also on display, a Japanese quilt made by a friend representing love laughter and joy, blessings for the bride and groom. The final and most hilarious moment was when they were blindfolded in order to cut through a homemade Scandinavian cake. The cake is made of rings and however many you cut through is how many children you will have. The final number… um 11?!! Good luck with that you two!